To access the saved page, enter the site address in the search bar and select the Bing service

bing cached pages

BING Search engine

Search for a remote page in the Bing cache using the "url:" operator and links to the remote page.

If you need to delete already saved images from the Bing cache, you will need to send an e-mail with a request, and then confirm your rights to the site. In the cache, you will see, from what number it is, a link to the current version of the page.

Then click on the "copy" — in front of the url appears when you hover. Here it is the cache for a specific page in Bing! Note that after a certain time the page is removed from the Google cache and becomes completely inaccessible.

How to use the service

Service Browser Cached Pages

Specify url

The site name must start with http or https

Choose a system

Select a search engine from the list

View result

In the window that opens, view the result of the work