To access the saved page, enter the site address in the search bar and select Google service

google cached pages

Google cache keeps everything

Google specifically stores the texts of all web pages so that people can view them if the site is unavailable.

To view the version of the page from the Google cache should be in the address bar to type: Where it is necessary to replace the address of the desired website. As a result, we get a "snapshot" of the page made by Google on a specific date.

Resource owners on the global Internet need to know that Google’s site cache is a voluntary system. If you need to exclude any pages of your portal from the list of saved pages, you can prohibit taking snapshots. To do this, add a meta tag to the page:

<meta name="robots" content="noarchive" >
Also deny or allow caching is possible in the office, if you have the appropriate account. PDF instruction

How to use the service

Service Browser Cached Pages

Specify url

The site name must start with http or https

Choose a system

Select a search engine from the list

View result

In the window that opens, view the result of the work