To access the saved page, enter the website’s address in the search box and select the Yahoo service

yahoo cached pages

YAHOO Search engine

Search for a remote page in the Yahoo cache using the "cache:" operator and a link to the remote page.

Yahoo backs up web pages in case they become unavailable. These copies are stored in the cache on the search engine servers. By clicking on the "Saved copy" link, you will open a backup copy of the website.

You can use a copy from the Yahoo cache if the page you want is taking too long to load or not loading at all. Reference leading to Google site cache is different from the real links, so this does not affect promotion in any way.

How to use the service

Service Browser Cached Pages

Specify url

The site name must start with http or https

Choose a system

Select a search engine from the list

View result

In the window that opens, view the result of the work