To access the saved page, enter the site address in the search box and select the Yandex service

yandex cached pages

Yandex Search Engine – internet search engine, you can try to find a snapshot of the page you need.

Unfortunately, there is no way to view Yandex cache by direct link. Therefore, you have to type the address of the page in the search line and from the context menu of the link to the result select the item Saved copy. If the search result is in cache Google you are not satisfied, this option is definitely worth a try, as the version of the pages in the cache Yandex may differ.

Search by cache in Yandex:
In the field "I'm looking for:" enter a word that is known to be on Your page
From the search results go to the "Found words".
There follow the link "Saved copy" - your cache

How to use the service

Service Browser Cached Pages

Specify url

The site name must start with http or https

Choose a system

Select a search engine from the list

View result

In the window that opens, view the result of the work